Back to Africa (Phase 1) Plan Three – April 2022

VACCINE AWAITED – As of 1st May, we still await the vaccine in Cape Town. Until the team is vaccinated we will not risk the trip. Other constraints are the effort and cost for mandatory Covid tests each time we cross an international border (total 4 minimum). The good news is that the authorities have permitted the Morris’s Carnet to be extended for a 3rd year. Now we plan to undertake the trip before July 2022. There is a remote chance of doing the trip later this year or April 2022. The 1929 Morris Minor is seen regularly around the Cape Province (below at the Slanghoek Winelands). Just last week the car passed 10,000 trouble free miles (ODO meter below); this is a significant achievement. Kindly visit  the charity Fund Raising Web Site for Aids orphans of Zambia: that has now passed the £1,000.00 mark, many many thanks for your support.

FREEDOM AT LAST” -10th November 2020.  We returned to Cape Town and the Morris is now back on the road so preparation and scheduling dates and accommodation for March 2021 trip restarts. Lets hope the Covid-19 is on the wane and there will be no significant restrictions to make the tour of Zimbabwe and Zambia.


VIRTUAL TOUR COMPLETED – 26TH MAY 2020.  Thanks to everyone who followed this fun rehearsal of what is still to come.  I received two new pieces of information on the past owners of the Morris auditing to its unique history.  The Cecily’s Fund has raised £738 thus far to assist orphans on AIDS victims in Zambia will be put to very good use.  I hope more will be raised in future at  The Morris is now in hibernation as we are being repatriated to London.

VIRTUAL REALITY TOUR – 12th April 2020.  Since the ‘Back to Africa’ trip is postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic as we are all in lockdown, I have decided to make the trip anyway as a VIRTUAL TOUR covering the route we would have taken.  This is being recorded on the App Instagram, search for ‘peterw.hills‘.  There will be my photos and some off the net to illustrate where and what we would be seeing.  This is a fun exercise while ensconced in Cape Town as our BA flight to London keeps being postponed.  Please follow and join in the adventure online!

STOP PRESS 22nd March 2020.  Common sense prevails; the coronavirus pandemic has won for the time being. With a heavy heart I had to postpone my trip to Zimbabwe & Zambia in my 1929 Morris Minor. Perhaps 3rd time lucky; later this year or the same time in 2021?   The car is so well prepared and all the travel logistics ready but these are unusual times for us all.   So many folks in both countries were looking forward to this trip and I can assure you at the next opportunity I will not disappoint.  Many thanks to those who offered assistance and accommodation etc but especially the donations to The Cecily’s Charity Fund close to £600.  Watch this space.

19/03/2020  The Global Pandemic of Covid-19 is indeed a major concern and is already impacting on the trip.  My brother was to join us but cannot fly from Germany to South Africa at present.  I am seeking an alternative team member.  While many SA borders have closed, Beit Bridge to Zimbabwe is being kept open.  Almost all my preparations are complete.  There has been no stone unturned regards the Morris reliability and performance.  Renovated gearbox, king pins, steering system, engine tuning and much more. All provisions, spares, tools, even camping kit etc are packed.  I will wait until we get closer to the 12th April to decide if we proceed or not.  It is all very frustrating like most are experience with this virus.

12/01/2020 I am delighted to announce that my Back to Africa fund raising charity, the Cecily’s Fund, that supports AIDS orphans in Zambia was initiated today.  In only  24 hours contributions amounting to  £89 (US$115 or R1,657) have been made. Many thanks for all contributions, especially as the actual Morris tour only starts on 11th April

Kindly visit  the Fund Raising Web Site: that is a professionally managed and trusted organisation where all funds collected go to the designated charity.  Every bit counts.

04/01/2020 To celebrate the start of the new decade the Morris was photographed with Cape Town’s Table Mountain in the background, (see below).  This is one of the classic views with the car that I am collecting. Now I am doing lots of small jobs on the car, attending to all details, to ensure it is ready for the trip North  in April. 

09/11/19 We participated with the Cape Town Crankhandle Club Houw Hoek rally covering 381km over the weekend.  All were impressed with the reliability of the Morris and its ability to keep up with much large cars.  Climbing the 450 meter Sir Lowry Pass was a challenge frustrated by a strong South Easter wind; sometime we seemed to be blown backwards!

04/11/19 Morris Back to Africa The Container ship MSC Phoenix off-loaded the Container and the contents was cleared by customs a few days later.  After release from the Container and return of the Carnet, the Morris is now at our Cape Town home and in perfect condition.  I am very relieved. 

06/08/19 The Morris was collected in a very fancy transporter from our London home. It was taken to a shared container at Suffolk Sports Cars Woodbridge  Suffolk and then to Felixstowe UK.  The container included a 1911 Sunbeam and a C-Type replica Jaguar.  The Container was delivered to the MSC Phoenix container vessel sailing from London  to Cape Town.

This will be the Morris’s second trip on a ship, its first when it was dispatched 17th July 1929 from the factory in Cowley Oxford England.  I understand it arrived in Beira, Mozambique (then Portuguese East Africa).  From there by road or train to Mutare (was Umtali) in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia).

STOP PRESS 2nd April 2019  Due to the uncertain situation in Zimbabwe, shortage of food, petrol and the damaged and lost life caused by the recent hurricane with great regret I have decided to postpone the planned tour.  It will now take place mid April 2020 after the rainy season and start of winter so better for the car and us. We hope the situation for the Zimbabwe people improves very soon.